​Assess risks and respond to potential mortgage loan default situations faster

Mortgage loan default practices are designed for business as usual, not crisis.  As the economic shocks of COVID-19 ripple through the commercial real estate market, banks and institutional lenders anticipate a high volume of at-risk loans and distressed assets.

Understanding the ongoing health of your loan portfolio is more important than ever. But in a fluid environment with liquidity issues, valuing collateral can be ambiguous and volatile. An increased volume of potentially distressed real estate assets combined with the lack of insight into operating data, can make it hard to predict and understand risk when it matters most.

Get ahead of the risks and regain control by partnering with Altus Group – a leading provider of software, data solutions and technology-enabled commercial real estate experts

Get ahead of emerging risks

Uncover emerging risks across your portfolio. We’ll help you:

  • Make well informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-date data all the way down to lease level to better understand borrower risk
  • Evaluate options and get a clear plan of action on an asset-by-asset basis
  • Be able to anticipate issues and proactively negotiate with borrowers to prevent default
  • Build a software foundation that provides value now, and into the future
  • Focus on your core areas of expertise when it’s needed most

Protect your borrower relationships and your capital

Based on clear risk analysis, scenario assessment and planning, we’ll help you:

  • Proactively identify at-risk loans and work with borrowers to minimize financial loss
  • Resolve issues quickly to maintain appropriate capital reserves and avoid compliance and regulatory issues
  • Capitalize on opportunities faster than the competition
  • Preserve borrower relationships while effectively managing negotiations and making informed decisions

Our approach

Set up

We’ll source asset data and documentation and leverage the ARGUS technology platform to collect, consolidate and clean data input.

  • Sourcing asset data and documentation
  • Ingesting operating data


Deploying our Advisory team’s local expertise at scale, we’ll use ARGUS and DataExchange to:

  • Perform document review and abstraction ​
  • Source and review valuations ​
  • Model possible scenarios to understand their impacts


Based on our assessment and leveraging data and benchmarks from DataBridge, we deliver:

  • A report that summarizes associated financial forecasts​
  • Recommendations regarding a workout

Workout & Reporting

Leveraging our deep relationships across the real estate industry, we’ll:

  • Coordinate workout plans with client and 3rd parties  ​
  • Update and revise plans in response to market ​
  • Provide ongoing status reporting across all assets

Why partner with Altus Group?

We are able to rapidly deploy a deep bench of global valuation and investment experts from around the globe, leveraging ARGUS software to connect asset information from distress through to disposition.

Global approach

We provide a global approach and understanding of the complexities of commercial real estate investing around the world.

Deep bench of advisors

Our advisory team is made up of an experienced team of accredited professionals with comprehensive expertise across local markets globally. ​We help clients manage over 165 funds, $650B and 7,000 assets on an ongoing basis.


Our advisory teams leverage specialized systems that inform their recommendations and their clients with key industry data and workflow tools. ​

Borrowers run on ARGUS

Over 6000 organizations across 75 countries trust ARGUS solutions to improve the visibility and flow of information throughout the asset lifecycle. ​Now you can too.

Contact a qualified professional

Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals brings a wealth of industry experience and unparalleled data-driven insights, providing the clarity you need to make informed decisions.

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